Welcome to the Periodic Media Group!

"Let's make the most out of what we do."

We're the Periodic Media Group, or for short, PMG. We host a variety of content related to media, entertainment, technology, gaming, and more. Take a look around!

The Periodic Media Group was established in 2015 by two high-school entrepreneurs- Ryan and David. Our purpose: to provide accessible and reliable content in terms of informative media and interactive applications with technology at the forefront. In addition, we want to give people a way to create media (like music) in a unique way, provide entertainment, and to have fun! Our sister companies (or entertainment distribution channels) include Flerovium Gaming, Superheavy Garage, and FLVlogs, with more coming along the way. Check us out on YouTube today!

We value your inquiries! Please visit the Contact Us page, email us at contact@periodicmedia.ml or give us a call at (925) BUZ-ZPMG, or (925) 289-9764 to get in touch with us.