What We Offer

Named after element 114 on the periodic table, we're just a group of students who think that gaming should be a part of life, and we like variety! On our YouTube channel, you'll find games of all kinds. We also cover new and old technology. Visit flerovium.ga for more information.

Formerly Superheavy Garage

Also pertaining to the theme of superheavy elements, we decided to make a car channel- our second founding idea. We are both highly interested in cars- which suits this channel well. We aim to provide useful and entertaining content for both car enthusiasts and amateurs alike. Visit superheavy.ga for more information.

Life passes by in a blink of an eye- this is the exact reason we established FLVlogs as a part of PMG, so we could archive our lives and share it with the world. Since starting the channel, we've decided to begin vlogging daily, so we always come out with updates at FLVlogs before any other channel! Visit flvlogs.ga for more information.

Since we decided from the start that PMG would be a tech-oriented company, we are in the planning stages of the ideal behind-the-scenes division that deals with software and hardware in general. We want to help people create- and that's what keeps us going! Visit pmgdev.ga for more information.

Periodic Records

Periodic Records is currently an imprint of the Periodic Media Group, as we do not plan to make it an independent company, but rather a subsidiary to our main company. Currently, Periodic Records deals with local contracts and private recordings, but anyone that is interested can contact us at contact@periodicmedia.ml or by using the contact form. We plan to make this an integral part of our overall structure, so stay updated!

Cut Rate Garage

Along with our main car channel, 114 Motorsports (formerly Superheavy Garage), we've decided to include another channel which focuses on the affordable and practical things in life (pertaining to cars, of course!). On Cut Rate Garage, you'll find videos of everyday fixes, commonalities, and in general, cool car-related commentaries! Also, expect to see a meet every now and then.

Although we are currently still in the process of determining what we would like this branch of PMG to do, we are revolving around inventing new technology and improving life to the fullest extent. Stay tuned for further developments. Visit pinnov.ml for more information.